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Resident Evil 7 DLCs Now Available For Xbox One and Steam

Resident Evil 7 DLCs ‘Banned Footage Vol.1’ and ‘Banned Footage Vol.2’ are now available for Xbox One and Steam.

Banned Footage Vol.1 can be purchased for $9.99 and includes the following content:

  • Nightmare: Trapped in a basement full of unknown horrors, you must fight for your life.
  • Bedroom: Tied to a bed, you must try to escape while avoiding Mother’s watchful gaze.
  • Ethan Must Die Mode.

Banned Footage Vol.2 will cost you $14.99 and will introduce:

  • 21: Take part in a twisted card game where the stakes are your life.
  • Daughters: Experience the events that unfolded on the night it all started, when the downfall of the Bakers was set in motion.
  • Bonus content Jack’s 55th Birthday.

You can also download Resident Evil 7 DLCs if you own the Deluxe Edition or the Season Pass.

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Game director Koshi Nakanishi has talked about the purpose of these DLCs during an interview with PC Gamer:

Resident Evil 7 is a mix of horror, fighting and puzzle-solving, and the game’s DLCs will help you explore each of those concepts separately in depth. As with the main game, the found footage tape idea lets us explore things that didn’t happen all in sequence, but rather to different people at different times. So players can start a DLC tape and not be sure where they even are—and of course, it means the player can die at the end.

However, new Resident Evil 7 content is coming for free as next DLC called ‘Not A Hero’ will be released in May, following an untold story of Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil 7 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.