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World’s First Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video, Switch UI

One customer that had pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch got his order delivered ahead of time and he has put up a video of his unboxing. Other than that we also get a peak into the Nintendo Switch UI and some other settings options like the parental control that we did not know of previously.

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The video will also give you an idea of what to expect from inside the box and how you can set up your Nintendo Switch when you turn it on for the first time. The unboxing experience is not what I would call amazing. While the box is pretty cool inside you have the screen and joycons on top with all the cords and user manual as well as the dock underneath in the compartment.

You also get a closer look at the Nintendo Switch dock and we can clearly see that all it does is provide power and HDMI connection so you can connect it to you  TV. There is a rumor that a better dock is being worked on that will feature an external GPU that will allow the Switch to have better graphics when it is docked in but we are not sure of that as of right now.

Plus it would note make sense as you would not be able to play those games as they are in the handheld mode so it may be just a rumor and nothing else. Something else to note in the video is the fact that the UI sounds are pretty cool and the overall UX is nice as well. The menu does seem empty but I am sure that is because the device is new and it will be more interactive once you have set it up according to your preferences.

Although this person has got the Nintendo Switch ahead of launch there is not much that he will be doing with it as games have yet to come out. Let us know what you think about this Nintendo Switch unbo