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League of Legends Mini-Rework Will Give Rek’Sai New Ultimate

Last month, Riot Games revealed that Rek’Sai is undergoing a mini-rework that will shed some of her tank-related attributes in League of Legends. Today, it has come to light that the Void Burrower is also receiving significant changes to her ultimate ability.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler reiterated that the goal of the mini-rework is to have Rek’Sai focus more on “personal kill potential” and less on crowd-control initiations.

Within the same goals, Riot Games is changing her R (Void Rush) to be more satisfying. At present, players use the ability as a quick means of transport back into the jungle. According to the developer, the new and improved version of her ultimate is “almost a new ability”. However, nothing else was given away past the teaser.

We already know that W (Burrow/Unburrow) is being changed to a single-target knock-up. Currently, Rek’Sai is able to knock-up all surrounding enemies upon bursting out of the ground. It’s an extremely useful tool for the champion. The shift towards a single-target knock-up is a major nerf and something that players will be woeful about.

Rek’Sai should receive her mini-rework with the next League of Legends update, scheduled to arrive soon.

Elsewhere in the thread, Meddler talked about the highly anticipated upcoming Tank Class Update which is slated to arrive during the mid-season. The developer hopes to get it ready in time for Patch 7.9 or 7.10, and will be sharing more information in the coming days. Certain aspects of the update are still in early testing and not deemed feasible for a public reveal.

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One major goal of the upcoming Tank Class Update is to give Vanguards more to do in League of Legends. In addition to that, Riot Games is also be looking at defensive items and how they effect the role of tanks in the game. The developer wants defensive items to give larger rewards to Vanguards in comparison to other classes.