New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Details How The Game’s World Was Built

Guerrilla Games has posted a new video detailing how they built the vast open-world of Horizon zero Dawn and the challenges they faced.

In the video, the developers explain that they had to significantly improve the game engine for Horizon Zero Dawn to properly render the vast open world and getting in and out of places seamlessly without any loading screen.

The developers further explained that usually in RPGs the facial animation is not so good and this was something they wanted to improve. Developers revealed that they did this by using motion capture for almost 15 hours of in-game dialogue instead of the usual procedural generation.

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There is a lot of hype surrounding the Horizon Zero Dawn and according to a report, the game is expected to sell 6 million units by the end of 2017. The report further suggests that the lifetime sales for the game could reach to 8 million units which will put it with likes of Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid V.

The report further suggests that the game has received strong reviews from the critics which is an element that will help boost the sales. According to the report, the game releases at a “key moment” for Sony Interactive Entertainment, because the hardware sales have slowed down which will lead to a greater demand for software.

While Sony is preparing to make Horizon zero Dawn’s protagonist, Aloy, the next PlayStation icon, Guerrilla Games has revealed that she might not return for the sequel.

I think Aloy will always be a part of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but as you might have seen, there is a big number of characters and tribes in the game, and we have a rich history,” Gillespie told us.

We spent years developing these tribes, so there is a possibility for other characters in the future, but Aloy will always remain in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch on February 28, 2017, in North America and on March 1st in Europe exclusively for PlayStation 4.