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GTX 1080Ti GPU Confirmed for GDC Via Official Countdown Timer

It was expected that Nvidia would be announcing something big at GDC 2017 on 28th February. However, now it is confirmed that the company will finally be unveiling its top of the line GTX 1080Ti GPU.

Just a few minutes ago, Nvidia ended up putting a countdown on their official GeForce website for 28th February with the ULTIMATEGEFORCE hashtag.

While the timer itself doesn’t say exactly what the company has planned for the date, digging deeper into the code for the website reveals the name of the files used to create the timer and the splash screen.

GTX 1080Ti GPU

The written code clearly mentions that the video content being played is actually playback of files with the mention of GTX 1080Ti GPU in the title.

As of this moment, there is no other information but it can be expected that with the launch of GTX 1080Ti, which would probably be soon to counter AMD’s Vega series, the currently available GTX 1080 and 1070 will both see a price drop.

There were rumors a few days ago that the GTX 1080Ti GPU would actually be launching in March and given that the reveal is at the end of February during GDC 2017, it is possible the company will be launching their next flagship product the very next month.

While there are no confirmed specifications for the GPU yet, it is expected to feature GDDR5X memory instead of HBM2 and will once again be based on the Pascal architecture, with the Volta cards reserved for later series.

The GTX 1080Ti GPU is expected to be priced above $750 but below that of Titan X Pascal so probably under $900 in order to appeal to high end gamers.

Considering how well the GTX 1080 performs at 4K resolution, it is possible that the GTX 1080Ti GPU might be the very first sub-$1000 GPU capable of 4K@60.