Creative Assembly Announces Bretonnia Faction For Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly has just announced a new faction for Total War: Warhammer, revealing the Kingdom of Bretonnia. The new faction will be coming out on February 28 for free, and will include three Legendary Lords along with new units, locations, and everything else that comes with a new faction in the game.

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Bretonnia is the other major kingdom of men in the world of Warhammer, and as opposed to the Renaissance-style gunpowder and pike gameplay of the Empire to its east, the Kingdom is instead a throwback to the Middle Ages, where heavily armored knights rode down their enemies. Bretonnia is heavily cavalry-focused, with powerful knights riding both regular horses and flying pegasi to combat the kingdom’s enemies.

Previously, the faction had only been available in the game’s skirmish mode, and even then not in full form: the faction had few units, no legendary lords, and wasn’t even playable in single player. However, with this new update, players will now be able to take the fight to the land’s enemies for the King and the Lady, the chosen deity of the kingdom.

With all of the different units that are being provided in the update, players will have their games shaken up as Bretonnia makes an entrance in the game, especially considering all of the new units and mechanics they’ll have to find the ins and outs of.

Chief among the new mechanics for the game will be the Chivalry meter. In a land based in honor and knighthood, players that start as Bretonnia will have to win heroic victories in battle and complete quests to gain chivalry, which does things like raise your public order, lower corruption, and boost unit experience gains. Low chivalry, on the other hand, will do the opposite, and might even cause rebellions. Your Chivalry, once it gets high enough, will also lead to the Errantry War, a unique endgame event.

The faction also comes with three unique legendary lords: King Louen Leoncoeur, the Fay Enchantress, and Duke Alberic of Bordeleaux, all major figures in the kingdom’s own Warhammer lore.

To read more about the different mechanics and heroes of Bretonnia, you can find it on the Total War: Warhammer page on Steam.