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Blizzard Teases Possible New Overwatch Character; It’s Not Doomfist

Blizzard has decided to get a bit less cheeky with their next character reveal, hinting at the possibility of a possible new Overwatch character via a new blog post. The character in question, Efi Oladele, is a native of Numbani, the city that serves as one of the game’s maps.

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A genius with robotics even though she’s only eleven, Efi Oladele may be a bit young for the sorts of characters that normally come in Overwatch, all of whom are adults (or are programmed to be adults, in the case of the robotic characters). However, from the interview, if Efi does become a new Overwatch character, we might be seeing her doing less of the work, as she mentions having made a lot of robotic drones to help her with her chores.

Considering where she lives, Efi being so into robotics isn’t really that strange. In the Overwatch world, where many Omnics are discriminated against after the events of the Omnic Crisis that caused Overwatch to be formed, Numbani is an entirely different city altogether, where omnics and humans live together in peace. The city has grown into a technological marvel despite only being founded a short time after the Omnic Crisis, and while a number of characters may not appreciate the idea (such as Torbjorn), the city does hold a lot of potential for a new character.

While many Overwatch fans have been looking forward to a possible Doomfist reveal (also something Numbani can be a part of since the city currently has Doomfist’s gauntlet on display), it seems like for now, Efi may be the new Overwatch character that we get sometime in the future. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for more information from Blizzard before we make any assumptions on the next character that we’ll be getting.