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You’ll Need Two Years to Become Good at Tekken 7, Explains Aris

Tekken 7, much like previous installments in the iconic fighting franchise, will feature a steep learning curve when it releases in the summers.

As a result, majority of players jumping in without any prior knowledge will eventually be disappointed when they realize that the game is not that easy to play as it may seem from online footage.

In a recent live stream, veteran and caster Aris “Aris” Bakhtanians from AvoidingThePuddle talked about how Tekken is one of the few remaining fighting brands in existence that still carries a legacy of deep gameplay mechanics.

Aris, who has been playing competitively for over a decade, explained that anyone hoping to become even remotely good at Tekken 7 will need to invest at least two years to the game.

At least that is what took Hyunkyu “Nin” Park to become one of the best Tekken players of all time. For mere mortals, it would be wise to add another six months of a year to the equation.

Compared to Street Fighter, Tekken involves a lot of different fighting game skills. According to Aris, having good footsies in Street Fighter means nothing to a Tekken player. When Tekken 7 releases in the summers, players should focus on “excellent execution” and “excellent control of the character’s movement” to boast about having good footsies.

He further highlighted the complexities of the game by taking into account movement and counters where a single opening can end a match.

Aris also believes that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is undoubtedly one of the worst installments to release in the series. It comprises of components that have nothing to do with the game’s legacy and will likely never return to a Tekken game in the future.

“Tag crash, fucking wall tag and tag assault? You better…that’s it, that existed in that window of time and it’s never gonna exist again,” he said. “And those mechanics have nothing to do with Tekken at all. They’re the dumbest mechanics ever.”

Tekken 7 is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.