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AMD To Reveal Exciting New Details On 2nd Capsaicin Live Event At GDC 2017

The 2nd Capsaicin Live event is scheduled for February 28 at 10:30 AM PT (12:30 PM CT/1:30 PM ET) during GDC 2017 broadcast session from San Francisco. The 2nd Capsaicin Live event webcast session will last for one hour and its real-time video webcast can be seen on In case if you miss it, then few hours later you will be able to watch it on AMD’s official YouTube Channel.

Capsaicin Live event will offer PC gamers great news by revealing exciting new details on AMD’s upcoming Ryzen CPU and Vega GPU. The event will showcase the hardware that PC enthusiasts and entry-level VR users have been waiting for eagerly since months.

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The 2nd Capsaicin Live event will be hosted by Raja Koduri who is Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of Radeon Technologies Group. The show will be a blend of focus, aimed at PC gaming, bringing in the new hardware and innovation for the games and gamers.

We are yet to see the official release of Ryzen based motherboards, Ryzen based stock coolers, new RAMs (if any) or any other hardware that correlates with Ryzen CPU.

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Recently, AMD has confirmed that they will be giving us more information regarding AMD Vega and AMD Radeon RX 500 series GPUs and this will be interesting to say the very least. AMD RX 500 series GPU will feature the upcoming AMD Vega architecture but the mid range GPUs will feature Polaris 11 or Polaris 12 even. We are so excited to see and know more details surrounding GDC 2017.

With all the leaks surrounding AMD Ryzen CPUs, we are tempted to know more of the official details on Ryzen family from the developers. A recent leak of AMD Ryzen R7 1700X speculates a price tag of $389, making it an instant buy at launch.

Don’t miss out the 2nd Capsaicin Live event held at GDC 2017 on February 28.