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Xbox One S Leaves Its Troubles Behind, Reaching New Heights

Xbox One S saw moderate success compared to PlayStation 4 but on its own both S and Xbox One are huge in the market. However, being behind its rival defiantly bothers the machine so some people decided to give it a break.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One S left its troubles behind and went to outer space. Yes, someone tied the console to a large balloon which meant the only way to go is up. The Xbox One S kept going up until it reached the stratosphere and then boom!

The balloon exploded and console came back down.

You can be wondering who would do such a thing to a machine as beautiful as XB One S, hateful Sony fanboys? Well, while that is the first party that comes to mind but that is not the case.

Microsoft itself did it!

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Yes, Microsoft tied the Xbox One to a Balloon and sent it to outer space. Head over here to check out the video for yourself.

On a related subject, Crackdown 3 details have been scarce but recently a Microsoft exec shared some news. According Shanon Loft:

If you remember how great the original Crackdowns were, with the big open cities and as you level up your car and weapons also level up, imagine all of that times 10. Crackdown 3 is all about the boom. It is a massive futuristic city. You have smarter enemies, more vehicles and new weapons. The explosion and the destruction make it an incredible experience. Crackdown 3 is coming this year.

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