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Streamer Completes Nioh Speedrun In 1 hour 36 Minutes

Speedruns have been a part of gaming since as long as anyone can remember and to that very effect, a Nioh speedrun is no surprise either as someone has just managed to set the world record for that game.

Twitch streamer Distortion2 managed to complete a Nioh speedrun in just 96 minutes, becoming the first person to finish the latest action RPG from Team Ninja in record time.

While it may sound as an amazing job, Distortion 2 describes his Nioh speedrun as “a decent run” hinting that he might be up for the challenge to finish the game in an even shorter time.

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During his playthrough, running at 1 hour, 36 minutes and 51 seconds, Distortion2 died a total of 6 times which leads him to believe that if can reduce his number of deaths, he will be able to finish the game in less than 90 minutes!

Of course this Nioh speedrun doesn’t mean that he completed everything the game had to offer. Instead, he just went for the main missions and completed those alongside all the main boss fights. That being said, even a 96-minute run is a job really well done.

Undoubtedly with more time, more players will start attempting and sharing their own speedrun sessions and trying to achieve the fastest game completion in the world. It would be interesting to see whether Distortion2 can maintain his record for long or not.

Despite being considered by many as a Dark Souls clone, and the game showing clear signs of taking heavy inspiration from From Software’s titles, Nioh has its own unique charm but it is nice to see some things like action RPG speedrun traditions still carry on.

Even though such games are considered difficult by a lot of people, some outright quitting them because of the way the games punish mistakes, the fans of the genre continue to beat all expectations with their amazing feats such as the 70 minute Dark Souls 3 speedrun.