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Recall Animations Inbound for Older League of Legends Champion

During the early years of League of Legends, every champion in the game featured the same bland recall animation. As the roster expanded to include new additions, along with new skins to boast, Riot Games made it customary to add special unique recall animations to all.

However, this left at least 74 champions outdated. Despite requests from the League of Legends community, working on recall animations for each one of those 74 champions would be a daunting task that would waste precious resources. Riot Games would rather use the time to work on newer content.

“We explored the option of doing simple poses for the recalls, to account for animation,” explained the developer. “We felt this option wasn’t quite matching the quality we’d expect for the effort they’d take- we found we wanted more movement in the animations. Taking all these factors into account, we looked for easier implementations – smarter ways to solve the problem.”

Posting on the official boards, QA analyst Riot Ququroon revealed how the developer has a nifty solution that will introduce recall animations for all the older champions.

The proposition is to code an existing idle animation for every champion to substitute for their recall animation. Every League of Legends champion features multiple animations that are either triggered through specific interaction or by simply remaining idle.

As an example, Ahri will be using her “Idle3” as her recall. The solution is not unique when compared with newer releases. However, it will curb the problem of champions standing motionless as they recall back to base.

It should be noted that the approach will deal with only older champions that lack recall animations. Those who already boast special recall sequences will not be affected.

According to the developer, the changes should arrive on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) shortly and will likely go live with patch 7.5 at the end of next month.