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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Are Full of Fixes and Improvements

Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes for the new Rainbow Six Siege update which is scheduled to arrive later today across all platforms.

Filled to the brim with fixes, Patch 2.1.1 addresses a ton of issues relating to gameplay, modes, operators, levels, and user-interface.

A previously reported bug where players would sometimes spawn with the view of a camera has been squashed. Team members killed by their own claymores or Exothermic Charges will now register as team kills. A nasty crashing issue at the splash screen when signing out has been fixed. Another bug where disabled drones would still be able to spot enemies has also been addressed.

Most importantly, the developer has finally addressed a glitch where enemy combatants would be able to melee gadgets placed on the terrain from the other side. Exothermic Charges, Mira’s OWM, and Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets are now safe.

Concerning the operators, Weapon Charms no longer clip through Mira’s hands and Black Mirror has been fixed to not block doorways. While Eyenox is active, Jackal can once again see red lights on active cameras. A bug where Fuze would be unable to breach his charges righter after a Cluster Charge has been fixed. The recoil and accuracy of Hibana’s sidearm has been corrected, as well as of Echo’s. The massive shield of Montagne will not disappear while he is in prone and looking from a certain angle. A flickering prompt on the screen of Smoke has been shown the door.

In addition, there is a long list of improvements for the average user-experience. Inconsistent headgear previews have been perfected in Rainbow Six Siege. Though rare, the main menu will not disappear in any circumstance. A bug where players were unable to confirm their spots in custom matches has been fixed. Some skins not appearing in the shop have been brought on display again. Missing textures and issues with resolutions on some hardware configurations have been righted.

You can go through the complete patch notes here.