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Nova Starke Announces Limited Edition PS4 Slim Retro Console

Nova Starke has announced a limited edition PS4 Slim Retro version for those interested in a bit of a nostalgic look for their home console.

Themed after the original PlayStation console released in 1994, the PS4 Slim retro features the classic grey-white color scheme, which is actually a custom paint job that already looks better than the 20th Anniversary PS4 launched by Sony a few years ago.

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Since Nova Starke, a company that specializes in custom paint jobs for various things, is based in India, the PS4 Slim retro version will be shipping from Mumbai for those who are interested in purchasing the console.

The console itself is priced at INR50,000 which comes in at above $700, even more than the price of a PS4 Pro and more than double the price of a PS4 Slim, even if it has a 1TB hard drive.

The retro themed console might not be for everyone, but for those who really want this unique look and are feeling nostalgic, Nova Starke has international shipping options which will increase the price even further.

Speaking about their custom creation, Nova Starke said:

Nova Starke’s limited edition PS4 Slim retro is the perfect mix of modern gaming with the soul of the old. Packaging the monster of 1 TB Playstation 4 Slim with a crafty paint job, the brand has brought back memories and soul of the 1994 Playstation, the first model in the Playstation gaming consoles.

The console comes with the all the usual accessories from a normal PS4 purchase and a one year warranty. Since it is expensive to perform such an amazing custom paint job, there are only 50 such units available for purchase.

Those interested in buying one should definitely hurry because despite their high prices, such limited edition consoles tend to go out of stock real quick as previously seen with the PS4 Pro Retro from Colorware.