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Nioh PvP Release Date Announced, DLCs Detailed Too

During a recent livestream Koei Tecmo has shared details on Nioh PvP and some other content. They have said that the High-difficulty missions will be added to the game within the end of March, while Nioh PvP is coming in late April.

The first downloadable content of the game will be called ‘Dragon of Tohoku’ and will be released in April. It will include the following content:

  • New weapon types
  • New scenarios
  • New characters
  • New guardian spirits
  • New yokai
  • New stages

The other two DLCs will be called ‘Japan’s Best Warrior’ and ‘Peaceful and Tranquil.’

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Nioh has recently received update 1.03, with bug fixes and improvements related to the UI and secondary missions.

Also, this game has helped reach out a new crowd according to Koei Tecmo’s president Hisashi Koinuma. This is what he has said during an interview with MCV.

With the invaluable help of Sony Interactive Entertainment, we released two early demos, Alpha and Beta, and we were able to show players all over the world a hint of what we were planning for them while simultaneously being open to their feedback.

As a result we believe we were able to release something that was molded by their expectations and reach out to a brand new audience that hadn’t played our games in the past. In that, Nioh has taught us a lot of valuable lessons and has definitely helped open up an entirely new audience for us.

Nioh is now available for PlayStation 4. It also features PlayStation 4 Pro’s enhanced features.