Nintendo Switch Hardware Photos Leaked Onto Internet Shows Innards

A number of Nintendo Switch hardware photos have been leaked onto Chinese web forums, showing off the console’s innards to the world only around ten days before the console actually releases, so that the more tech-savvy gamers that want to play the Switch can see exactly what is inside it.

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Various hardware leaks on the Nintendo Switch aren’t really that rare; a number of them have come out lately that have given the specifications of the various components on the inside of the console. However, the leaked photos are the first time we’ve actually seen those components for ourselves.

How exactly the Nintendo Switch hardware photos came out remains to be seen, along with whether or not they’re actually legitimate. There’s also the issue of date: even if the photos are legitimately from the Nintendo Switch, they could be from a prototype version of the console, rather than the official one that’s going to be released on March 3.

In the pictures, a large number of the Switch’s actual components can be seen from the start. On the tablet, you can immediately see the rather large lithium-ion battery that takes up most of the interior space, along with an L-shaped circuit board, a microSD card reader, and the NVIDIA Tegra system-on-chip that serves as the source of the console’s power.

The Nintendo Switch hardware photos are further up in this article if you want to look at them yourself, and when the Switch actually comes out it’s likely that there’s going to be at least one or two YouTubers that actively take the console apart to point out how everything looks and what all is inside it, so if you don’t trust your own tinkering skills you don’t have to worry about ruining the Switch by accident.

The Nintendo Switch releases on March 3 worldwide.