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5 Actors Who Can Play Joel In The Last of Us Movie

The Last of Us Movie is currently in a pickle as the development has halted due to creative differences among the makers. We are still hopeful that things will finalize and we will see Joel and Ellie on the Big Screen.

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Lately, we have seen great big screen adaptions such as Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, Resident Evil as a franchise is a moderate success.

Even though I prefer animated adaptions rather than live action, it would be great to see The Last of Us shine on the silver screen. For a great movie, we not only need a great script but a great cast is absolutely necessary.

Joel is one of the main characters in the game and one wonders who can do justice to his persona? Here are five actors who we think are best suited for Joel in the Last of Us movie.

5 – Matthew David McConaughey

Actor and Producer Matthew David McConaughey is popular for his roles in Ghost of Girl Friends Past, Interstellar and more. The 47-year-old actor was born in Uvalde, Texas. The 47-year old Scotish actor is the son of a gas station owner, his father ran an oil pipeline business, while his mother was a school teacher.

Matthew David McConaughey is among the actors who can do well as Joel in The Last of Us movie.

4 – Gary Oldman

The British-born movie actor is known for his roles in Sid & Nancy, The Dark Knight movies, and more. He also appeared is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Robocop reboot. That’s not all, he is an English filmmaker, musician and author.

He is more than capable of handling Joel.

3 – Hugh Jackman

Jackman is an Australian actor, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and producer. He is known for his roles in X-Men movies, Prisoners, ReaL Steel and more. He just starred in Logan and sadly his cancer is acting up again. He may not be able to take part in any project for a while but Hugh is one of most suited actors to play Joel.

2 – Josh Brolin

He is the son of the great actor James Brolin and while he isn’t the biggest star in Hollywood, he has some memorable projects to his name. He is known for his roles in Wall Street, No Country for Old Men, Avengers: Age of Ultron and more.

His rugged look and natural charm is exactly what Joel needs to be like on screen.

1 – Christian Bale

Bale is known for his roles in The Dark Knight movies, American Hustle, Termination Salvation, and more. He was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Bale is without a doubt the best actor we have for Joel.

Do you think there is someone better than these actors? Who can play Joel better in The Last of Us Movie? Share what you think in the comments below.