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Terraria Sales Cross 20 Million Copies, Fact Sheet Shared

Terraria sales have gone passed 20 million copies around the world, according to the latest stats revealed by the developer. It was a small project that managed to outsell even some of the most high-budget AAA titles.

Developers also released a fun fact sheet, revealing some great facts about the game and the success it had. The game released back in 2011 and since then it came a long way.

Launch: May 2011

  • PC Only
  • ~250 Items
  • 6 NPCs (7 if you count the Old Man 😉 )
  • 20 Enemies
  • 3 Bosses
  • 10 Biomes
  • Game “ended” with the Dungeon, explorable upon defeating the final boss of the game at the time, Skeletron


  • ~20.5 Million Copies Sold (8.5m alone in the 18 months since 1.3 on PC!)
  • Available across one of the widest arrays of gaming platforms of any game ever: PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360,
  • Xbox One, PS3, PS VITA, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon mobile devices
  • ~3,800 Items
  • 25 NPCs (26 if you count the Old Man 😉 )
  • ~350 Enemies
  • 16 Bosses (plus 9 mini-bosses!)
  • 27 Biomes (Plus a number of “mini-biomes” such as Pyramids or Living Trees)
  • Handful of Optional “Events” (The Moons, Invasions, etc)
  • Game “ends” with Moonlord, though optional content remains
  • Expert Mode for those with the skills to take on the ultimate Challenge!
  • Numerous Quality of Life Improvements (Too many to mention, really!)
  • ….and we still have more planned to come your way!

Re-Logic also reassured the community that Terraria 1.3 is coming to consoles very soon. The console release would just add to the sheer number of fans this game has around the world.

Source: Re-Logic