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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot Showcases Sora Battling Heartless

It has been a while since Square Enix revealed anything new about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, and now the devs have revealed new Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot.

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This new Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot was revealed during the recent MAGIC 2017 event in Monaco, France. The screenshot showcases Sora in Hercules world battling the giant enemy Heartless.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot

Square Enix has hinted that Kingdom Hearts 3 might feature character customization, however, the devs have clarified that while they are considering it, it is not a priority for them.

We knew we could insert that feature into the game this time, but whether or not we can with [KHIII]…we have other priorities ahead of us so it depends on time, but we’ll look at the reaction with [KH0.2] and consider it.

Also, don’t expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to launch anytime soon, as Tetsuya Nomura has clarified that while the production on the game has advanced there are some in-game worlds that remain untouched.

The production process is different than what we’ve had up until now, so I can’t just give you a general idea, but I can say that there are worlds that still remain untouched. We’ve advanced on the production of worlds that have yet to be announced, so we can’t show them for now. As far as development status goes, there’s still a ways to go.

Also, the game’s music will be composed by Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru. She has composed the theme songs for Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2. Her theme songs for these two games have been remixed and reused time and time again for the multitude of spin-offs and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an upcoming action RPG in development at Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.