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Half Life Writer Leaves Valve

Half Life Writer Erik Wolpaw is known for working on games like Half-Life and Portal. There are other titles to his credit but these two are the most notable projects he worked on. The news has been confirmed by a number of sources including his own colleagues.

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Marc Laidlaw was also part of the writing team and he left last year and now Eric leaving puts a big question mark over the future of Half-life series.

Many developers and engineers are leaving Valve which led to GabeN sharing a statement to explain why some may not like working for the company. According to Gabe Newell, this has to do with the company’s internal structure.

That seems to be kind of a personality trait. Everybody thinks they want a lot of autonomy, and to be self-directed. Turns out that a lot of people don’t. So, you can have really capable, successful developers who won’t work well in this environment. And you really have to like customers, right.

Erik Johnson, a longtime Valve staffer added.

You have to be pretty egoless, too, You have to be pretty egoless to just do what customers ask you to do, right. You have to admit you’re wrong. Often.

Half Life and Portal games would now need to find new writers but that is of course if any such projects are in development. We know Valve is working on a Portal VR game but there no word on anything related to Half Life.