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AMD Ryzen CPUs Pictured, Leaked Review Samples, End Product Aesthetic

We have been waiting for AMD Ryzen CPUs for almost a year now and with only a few days to go, we now how pictures of what the AMD Ryzen CPUs will look like with the branding. We have already seen the box and there have been a couple of listings here and there but we never got a look at the CPU and what it would look like in its finished form.

All that changes today as you can check out what the end product looks like here.

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AMD has been keeping us in the dark and we will get official news at GDC, there will also be more information about AMD Vega GPUs at the event so stay tuned for that as we will be taking a look at what AMD is going to reveal. Although the company has been very secretive there have been loads of leaks and we also talked about the entire lineup leaking and the top of the line AMD Ryzen CPUs and how they compare against Intel counterparts.

AMD Ryzen CPUs

Although Intel CEO has said that AMD Ryzen CPUs will not be a major thread and that Intel Kaby Lake will be enough to take on AMD but I beg to differ. Until the release of the AMD Ryzen CPUs it is unclear whether or not these CPUs will make a prominent splash in the CPU market but if the demos and leaks are to be taken to heart then yes, they are very competitive indeed and from the price leaks we can say that they are priced right as well.

As of right now, we do not know the prices of all the AMD Ryzen Variants but looking at how close we are to launch we will find out soon enough. Review samples are being sent out to a hand full of people and these samples do not have the AMD Ryzen branding for some reason. Let us know what you think about these AMD Ryzen CPUs.