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New Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 Extender, Show Off Your Vertical Mounted GPU

Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender has been revealed and using this you can show off your GPU in all its glory provided that you have a case that allows you to mount your GPU vertically. While some people do care about the looks of their builds it is unfortunate that not all PC parts are made with aesthetics in mind.

Even though GPUs look really great they do face downwards so you cannot see the shroud through the side panel. Hopefully, the Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender will take care of that issue.

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This is not something that we have not seen before and there have been extenders in the past as well but it would be a great option to consider knowing that the company has been in the market for some time now and is known for making PC cases and other PC parts.

The Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender does not come with a mount so you will need to figure out how you will be securing your GPU in place before you get ahead of yourself.

The Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender is available in three different sizes, 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm. This should be plenty for whatever it is you are planning to do with your GPU. The company has also published a series of tests related to the performance of the extender and you can check them out below.

These tests are important as the data shows that there is no difference in performance when comparing the extender with the performance of the actual PCIe slot. If you were wondering if there would be a hit in performance then there is your answer.

Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 Extender

The 300mm cable will cost you $69.99, 600mm cable costs $84.99, the 1000mm cable costs $109.99. The longer the cable the cheaper per inch. Let us know what you think about the Thermaltake PCIe 3.0 extender and whether or not you would consider buying one of these.