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PEA Commissioner Resigns After Recent Counter-Strike Controversy

Still recuperating from its recent Counter-Strike debacle, the Professional Esports Association (PEA) has announced an immediate managerial reorganization.

Commissioner Jason Katz and additional staff are parting ways, though the announcement did not mention as to how many staff members are exiting the organization.

“The PEA Board appreciates Jason’s accomplishments in organizing and structuring the organization and looks forward to further supporting the continued growth of esports,” reads a press release.

In the wake of the structural changes, new sub-committees have been formed to manage ongoing business. Additionally, the board of governors will be directly handling affairs from hereon.

PEA was formed last year by Jason Katz and the owners of seven North American Counter-Strike organizations: Team Liquid, Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Immortals, NRG Esports, CompLexity Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming.

The goal was to organize competitive events and give “unprecedented benefits” to players. In December, it came to light that PEA team-owners were planning to collectively withdraw from the ESL Pro League without notifying the players.

Tensions brewed between the players and the association, following which PEA decided to call a vote between the well-established ESL Pro League and its own PEA League. The voting ended last month with majority of the players siding with ESL.

As a result, PEA went through with its earlier claims and decided to shutter its league. If the voting had gone the other way, the new Counter-Strike league would have commenced this summer.

With the departure of one of its founding members, PEA is likely pursuing other games. The organization was already denied a license last month to host Hearthstone and Overwatch leagues.

Considering how the recently released public statement was filed under League of Legends, it is possible that the organization is working towards the Rift instead. That would not be surprising, seeing how PEA is comprised largely of current and former North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) teams.