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New Splatoon 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off A Multiplayer Match

A new Splatoon 2 gameplay video has released by Nintendo, showing off a Turf War match taking place in the next game. Turf War is the flagship game mode of the Splatoon series, where players fight one another to paint a majority of the map their color before time runs out.

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From what the demo shows, the gameplay in Splatoon 2 is largely unchanged from the previous Splatoon. Players run around the map spraying every object with their paint in order to make it their color (in the video’s case, pink and green). We get to see both rapid-fire guns and the return of the infamous Splat Roller, along with the other super moves that are charged by painting.

Numerous other weapons are likely going to be coming with the new game, as they’ve been shown in other bits of Splatoon 2 media. We unfortunately don’t get to see any of the others in action besides the Splat Roller and other default weapons, but hopefully Nintendo will put out new videos that allow us to get a look at all of the other weapons that we’re going to be able to play with in the game.

While the new Splatoon 2 gameplay video makes the game look just as fun and fast-paced as it was in the original game, players are going to have to wait a while longer before they can start playing it. Splatoon 2 isn’t going to be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, instead apparently coming out around the summer.

If you want to see the new Splatoon 2 video yourself, you can look further up in the article to watch the match and see that the Splat Roller is likely still as broken as you remember it. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the Switch when it releases on March 3.