New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Hint At KH-Esque Combat System

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system is being kept under wraps and not much has been shown so far. Developers have already confirmed that the next showing of the game will shed light on the combat system. However, a couple of images from a behind the doors event have leaked, hinting at a KH-Esque combat system for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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The battle system in Final Fantasy VII Remake has changed from the looks of it, the system would be similar to what Nomura had planned for Versus XIII, the canceled Final Fantasy game.

The command section gives off a KH feel but the new system will be much slower compared to Kingdom Hearts. Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system will focus less on action and more on strategy and tactical combat. The system is going to treat veterans and novice in the same way. Players do not have to be great at action games to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Players will have the option to switch between characters and plan their attacks. Like I mentioned above, the new battle system is more strategy focused, it seems to be a hybrid of action and tactical combat systems used by Square Enix over the years.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on PlayStation 4, hopefully, sometime this year. Developers are expected to share more about the game and its unique combat system in the near future. It’s not hard to guess that Square Enix has no plans to release the game before E3 2017, but we can at least expect new details during E3 2017.

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