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Mass Effect: Andromeda First Trailer in the Series Shows Weapons and Gameplay

BioWare has just released Mass Effect: Andromeda first trailer in its gameplay series. This video shows actual gameplay of the game, focusing on weapons, skills and classes. What we can say after watching the video is that there’s more action in Andromeda rather than in the past chapters, and you can have a deeper approach to fighting thanks to large areas and a new class system.

Feel free to watch Mass Effect: Andromeda first trailer and share your opinion in the comments below.

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But BioWare has also introduced other changes that will make Andromeda different from the old games.

You surely remember that in order to unlock all difficulty levels you had to go through the game multiple times, but this won’t happen in Andromeda. According to the game’s lead designer Ian S. Frazier, Mass Effect: Andromeda difficulty levels will be all unlocked from the start.

@TheDiscoEffect Available from the start. If you want your face kicked in by Insanity right off the bat, be our guest.

BioWare has stated that Andromeda won’t be an open-world game. Sometimes you’ll be in open spaces, other times you’ll be exploring planets, but that is definitively not the sandbox-type game. Furthermore, the team has stated that Andromeda’s sidequests will be deep. They’ve observed what the other games have been doing, so they’ve decided to take inspiration from The Witcher and introduce deep sidequests that will keep you playing for some good time.

What are you expecting the most from this game? Will it live up to people expectations?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action-RPG by BioWare scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 21, 2017.