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Apple iPhone 8 Will Drop Physical Button, Extending Screen Size, Virtual Buttons, Says a Rumor

We covered the previous rumor that Apple will remove the home button in its next iPhone, now, a new rumor surfaced the internet that Apple iPhone 8 will come out in 5.8inches of screen size, the bezels will be removed by a function area reserved for virtual buttons. The latest rumor was leaked by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities to MacRumors.

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicts the theory that next iPhone will sport a 5.8 inches of screen, not 5.1 inches. There will not be any physical buttons at the front of the screen. Furthermore, only 5.1 inches of the screen will be usable as touch interference.

Kuo also noted the previous rumors and said the bezels will be removed completely; bezel will be out of the question for the Apple iPhone 8. Kuo elaborated what he called the ‘function area’ as a set of virtual buttons and quick actions much similar to the touch bar of MacBook Pro.

Kuo also shared his approach regarding the size of upcoming Apple iPhone 8. He said that the build will be designed for single hand use, regardless of the 5.8 inches of screen size. He said the phone will measure 4.7 inches, allowing an easy and one-handed operation.

The removal of the home button and introducing the virtual buttons could also mean that Apple is trying to bring biometric technology to its upcoming flagship. As an iris scanner and facial recognition sensor have been rumored to come in iPhone in the past also.

In parallel news, since all the previous models of Apple iPhone consisted of physical home button key, the new patent concept will remove the button, allowing a waterproof design for iPhone X or any upcoming iPhone. For more on this story, check out here.