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Major Aatrox Changes Revealed for League of Legends, Unique Items for Supports

Significant changes for Aatrox are scheduled to hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) early next week, Riot Games confirmed.

Posting on the official boards, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler stated that the upcoming update for the Darkin Blade is aimed at putting him “into a better place until we [Riot Games] can get to a larger update for him at some point”.

In that light, it should be noted the new changes are not inline with the highly anticipated Aatrox rework. Rather, consider the changes as a placeholder to give the champion a bit quality of life until the developer can give him proper treatment later this year.

The following are just some of the changes and don’t necessarily cover every aspect:

  • Shifting the passive to a windowed one (proc that grants AS/AD and revive if off CD for a duration, with some downtime). Goal is to offer periods of comparative strength and weakness (lot of the issues we’ve had with Aatrox’s game health have been due to the nature of his revive passive)
  • Removal of % health costs, probably a flat health cost on E. One of Aatrox’s big issues is that he’s pretty feast or famine, stat checking people hard with a drain tank pattern or just dying.
  • Giving him the flexibility to build defense more (health) without getting as punished by his kit for it gives some good fallback options/alternate builds.
  • Changing the W heal so it’s not dependent on his AD, or as extremely different above/below 50% health. Ties in with the build path options above, with a % missing heal looking like a fairly likely mechanic.

The complete and final Aatrox rework will be released with the Diver Class Update which Riot Games hopes to get out at the end of the year.

In addition to Aatrox being looked over, the developer teased a rather exciting feature that might be released in the future for supporting players. Previously, Riot Games stated that it was interested in bettering the role by increasing the amount of gold income. However, the developer is now considering to look at the same issue from another perspective.

“Something we’re interested in exploring at some point though is giving alternate forms of power, rather than increased gold (other ways to earn specific stats or unique items?).”

Presently, League of Legends has just a few unique items that are bound to individual champions. This includes the Bonetooth Necklace of Rengar and the Hex Core upgrade for Viktor. Perhaps Riot Games is pondering over to similarly include unique items for some support champions?