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Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons And Skills Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Gamers that are eagerly awaiting the new Mass Effect game will be getting a nice surprise tomorrow, as BioWare has announced that a Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons and Skills trailer is in the works, and will likely be showing us what all we’ll be able to do when it comes to combat in the Andromeda galaxy.

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Many Mass Effect players that have been through the game more than once are likely already familiar with a lot of the powers and abilities that we’ll be seeing over the course of Andromeda, but it’s likely that BioWare has added a few more tech powers and biotic abilities for players to get used to. We’ve already seen two as it is, in the form of the scan screen and the flamethrower.

BioWare has already announced that players now won’t be limited by a certain class at the beginning of the game, so anything that shows up in the Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons and Skills trailer, you’ll be able to use, whether it’s biotics, tech, or straight-up soldiering.

We’ll likely be getting more and more trailers in the coming days as Andromeda gets ever closer to release; while the game has drummed up a lot of support, many people might still be skeptical after the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3, and while BioWare has said they haven’t been intimidated at the possibility of another reaction like that, they’ll still have to win back a number of fans.

After the Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons and Skills trailer comes out, Mass Effect Andromeda will only have a few weeks left before its release, before we can go on yet another roaring adventure across a whole new galaxy with a brand new crew.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing on March 21 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.