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Delid Your Skylake/ Kaby Lake CPU With This Tool From Aqua Computer

Delidding a CPU can be a very difficult process as you could easily damage the CPU and that could set you back a lot of money depending on which CPU you are tinkering with. If you wanted to delid your Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU but did not know how or found it too much of a risk then Aqua Computer has you covered with their new Dr. Delid tool that makes the process very easy.

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This is not the first time that Aqua Computer has made such a product. The company has been in the business for some time now and one of their similar, previous products was the twister that allowed you to delid previous generation CPUs. That required you to have a 3D printer but you could buy this tool for as low as 30 Euros.

Kaby Lake CPU

The new product is a bit different from what we saw previously but the principle is the same and so is the end result. The idea here is to apply enough force to remove the CPU cover but not excessive force that would damage the CPU altogether. This tool will work with the Skylake and Kaby Lake CPU.

How To Delid Your Skylake/ Kaby Lake CPU Using This tool

The follow are the instructions that you will need to follow in order to delid your CPU:

Kaby Lake CPU

Why Would You Want To Delid Your Skylake/ Kaby Lake CPU?

All that remains to be answered is why on earth would you want to delid your Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU. Well, this is a common practice among overclocking enthusiasts as doing so allows them to use other means of cooling besides air coolers and with the help of these cooling methods they can reach overclocking frequencies that would not be possible with the lid on.

Kaby Lake CPU

Let us know what you think about this delidding tool from Aqua Computer and let us know if you would consider buying one of these products for your experimentation.