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Journalists Are Now Receiving Nintendo Switch Press Units For Review

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is now only around two weeks from coming out, it’s not really a surprise that now, journalists are receiving their Nintendo Switch press units to review before the game comes out. The console is planned to release on March 3, though we don’t know if they also get review copies of games.

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There’s been a good deal of buzz about the Nintendo Switch ever since it was officially unveiled back in January, and the console has gotten no small amount of both criticism and praise in terms of games, mechanics, parts, and more. All of these journalists that got Nintendo Switch press units are now going to be able to see all of the things that the console can do.

We also finally get a comparison of the Switch’s size. For comparison, it’s about the size of a Wu-Tang edition Playstation controller, while being around the same size of the Wii U’s gamepad. Considering that Nintendo is apparently placing less emphasis on the tablet attachment this time, the size isn’t really surprising.

According to Nintendo, the Switch will not only run better with the tablet plugged in, but will also have a better resolution and framerate. There are also a number of different controller options for you to use while playing the Switch, whether it’s the JoyCon controllers by themselves, the controllers with the tablets, or even a straight-up controller setup with attachable parts, which allows you to take up the controller like you would playing an Xbox One or Playstation game.

We’ll likely have to wait a little while longer before all of the Nintendo Switch press units actually get reviews that we can see in gaming magazines, and hopefully they’ll all be positive enough reviews that Nintendo will have another hit console on its hands, rather than a loss like they did with the Wii U.