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New Support Champion Confirmed for League of Legends

A new champion scheduled to release this year for League of Legends will be a traditional support, Riot Games revealed.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that the upcoming support champion will focus on “helping allies and hindering enemies”.

Taking into account the current meta where several damage-dealing champions are being picked for supporting duties, the new support champion will only provide utility. As such, the developer made it clear that he/she will not excel in doing damage.

When asked whether the upcoming champion can be taken into other lanes or used for other purposes, Meddler stated that the possibility is there but the champion will be “most effective” when present in-lane alongside another team member.

The vague description covers almost every support in context, making it difficult to speculate more on the subject. Champions like Janna and Lulu greatly excel in helping their teams disengage from battles and making it a nightmare for foes to pursue. Perhaps that is what Riot Games was pointing out and we will be getting a support champion that performs similarly.

There is no word on when the champion is scheduled to land on the Rift. Riot Games is yet to tease the next champion being added to the roster. It is more likely that our supporting champion will arrive later in the year.

It has been almost two years since Riot Games released a support champion for League of Legends. Tahm Kench was the last to arrive in that category, releasing in July 2015.