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Details On Sony Santa Monica Studio’s Canceled IP Leaked

Sony Santa Monica Studio is currently developing the upcoming God Of War for PS4 and now details about the canceled Sci-Fi game from the studio have emerged online.

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As reported by Nerdleaks, a former Game Developer & 3D Concept Designer Erik San Juan worked on this canceled IP from Sony Santa Monica studio. The resume for this developer mentions that he worked for a canceled unannounced (PS4) game and did Visual Development/Character Modeling.

Led the Concept Art incubation team for 2 years and later the Character Concept Art team while in full production. Provided 2D/3D concept art and models for a new PS4 IP in development which was later canceled.

The report further reveals that the artist posted a lot of concept art for the canceled IP and to avoid copywriting infringements the site did not publish them. According to the report:

  • It’s a futuristic game, maybe it is set in 2034;
  • It could be about worlds exploration;
  • Some character take part in a mission called “Ark Mission Genesis – A.D. 2034”;
  • Some characters’ name: August, Donovan, NightHorse;
  • There are some strange humanoid creatures (aliens?), similar to mutant fishes;
  • These creatures ride some kind of bison with unicorn;
  • There’s a group of refugees or mercenaries;
  • There are drones;
  • There is a kraken-like creature;
  • Enemies could be skeletal monsters with long arms;
  • There are creatures similar to dinosaurs;
  • You could scan new creatures for information about DNA and Origin;
  • A lot of uniforms.

The report suggests that many developers left Sony Santa Monica for canceling this unannounced IP for PS4.

Now, the studio is developing God Of War for PS4 that will take place in Nord Mythology and Kratos will return along with his son.

While we will never get to see this canceled IP but given the details, it would have been an interesting title.