New UWPStreamer App Lets You Stream 3DS Games To Your Xbox One

In probably one of the most unneeded new apps of this year, a recent new UWPStreamer app has come up that allows gamers to play games from a Nintendo 3DS on their Xbox One consoles, and use their Xbox One controllers in order to play it, and all it takes is some firmware.

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The UWPStreamer app seems easy enough to use; all you have to do is download some custom firmware into your 3DS, and downloading the UWPStreamer app onto your Xbox.

While it does take a good bit of fiddling with the usually tightly-controlled Nintendo firmware, if you know what you’re doing it shouldn’t be too much trouble, and there’s bound to be tutorials online.

However, the new UWPStreamer app isn’t foolproof: the app is still very rough when it comes to actually properly running Nintendo 3DS games on an Xbox One. While the games aren’t unplayable, there’s a very noticeable amount of latency and the process is far from perfect, as a lot of emulators unfortunately run into.

While personally I don’t see anything wrong with the 3DS at all (and buying a 3DS and playing a game on it seems like far less of a hassle, if you’re one of those people that might like to do it anyway so that you can play The Legend of Zelda on a bigger screen, or play Pokemon for the same reason, you can go on and do it.

While the Nintendo Switch is going to be coming out in a few weeks, and thus you’ll be able to play Nintendo games on a TV screen without having to mess with the firmware on your 3DS for the new UWPStreamer app, you may end up bricking your handheld for nothing, but if the Switch doesn’t quite scratch that itch it may still be a thing that you can do before the Switch comes out.