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Kumail Ninjiani Plays A “Space Frog” Mass Effect: Andromeda Character

We’ve gotten a bit of information about a new Mass Effect: Andromeda character, at least according to Kumail Ninjiani, who is playing a character that he described as a “space frog”, which likely means that it’ll be a salarian, the most frog-like reptilian species in the series, though we have no other details.

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Kumail Ninjiani is an actor that has played a number of roles in a variety of movies and TV shows, including the Comedy Central show “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail”, which he hosts alongside fellow comedian Jonah Ray. He also stars in the HBO show Silicon Valley, and will be playing a role in the upcoming Lego Ninjago movie.

Kumail’s role, along with what new Mass Effect: Andromeda character he’ll be playing, was introduced in a rather comedic BioWare video, but there’s no telling exactly what sort of “space frog” character he’ll be playing. While from the description it’s definitely a salarian, we don’t really have any sort of idea of what kind of character they’ll be. While we do know that there’s going to be at least one major salarian character (in the form of Kallo Jath, who will be the pilot of your starship, the Tempest), that character is voiced by Garrett Ross, leaving Kumail Ninjiani to voice a character we haven’t met yet.

While the Mass Effect: Andromeda character that Kumail voices may only be a bit part, whether just an NPC with a quest that needs doing or even a shopkeeper, hopefully someone of his talents will at least be able to get an interesting role, whether it’s as a party member or an interesting NPC.

Either way, Mass Effect: Andromeda is supposed to come out in late March, so when it does, we’ll probably be able to see which salarian in the game Kumail will actually be playing.