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John Smedley, Former Daybreak CEO, Hired By Amazon For New Studio

The former CEO of Daybreak Games, John Smedley, has apparently been hired by Amazon to head a new studio. Smedley, who has been through two other studios from Sony Online Entertainment (which became Daybreak), and his own indie startup Pixelmage Games, was selected by Amazon a short time after he had to shutter Pixelmage.

Smedley will now be working for Amazon Games Studios in San Diego, and was apparently chosen due to his work at Daybreak, which gave the world Everquest, PlanetSide, Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside 2, H1Z1, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Lord of the Rings Online, all of which are highly respected MMORPG games, many of which are still running.

According to Amazon, Smedley and his team at Amazon Games Studios are already working on a new game that will make use of both Twitch and the AWS Cloud in order to make a new MMO.

Considering his experience with making enormous games with active player bases, plus Amazon’s own enormous resources, hopefully John Smedley and Amazon can work together to create something amazing.

Smedley considers things like Twitch a massive shift in gaming (considering it brought streaming into the mainstream of games and even as a major revenue source for hundreds of different people), and so making use of a game that places a lot of emphasis on Twitch as an MMO could be interesting.

A number of other games such as things like Move Or Die, Jackbox Party Pack games, and more games that can be influenced by audiences watching streams have already proven that this model can be successful.

In the meantime, hopefully we’ll be seeing what John Smedley is going to be working on sometime soon, maybe even around this year’s E3, but either way with all his experience at MMO games hopefully it’ll be something good.