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Ark Survival Evolved To Get Major Performance Boost Soon

Studio Wildcard has finally started to focus on the performance side of Ark Survival Evolved and we might be seeing some performance boost for the game through an update in the future.

Studio Wildcard Co-founder and Lead Designer Jeremy Stieglitz revealed that he is expecting some major rendering performance gains for Ark Survival Evolved.

Finally we're getting to spend some more time on client-side performance: I'm expecting major rendering performance-gains soon.

— Jeremy Stieglitz (@arkjeremy) February 14, 2017

It is no secret that Ark Survival Evolved can sometimes struggle on PC and it gets even worse for the consoles. Studio Wildcard has put some small performance and memory optimizations for the game through various updates in the past, however, these updates were not enough for the game to run smoothly.

It is good to see that developers are now focusing on the game’s performance on PC and consoles, which might indicate that the developers are putting final touches on the game for its full release this spring.

The upcoming patch 255 for the PC version does not mention any performance improvements. However, it will bring four new dinosaurs plus Tek tier items like underwater bases, generators, shields, and doors are listed along with new hair styles. The patch will be available on February 20.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game in development at Studio Wildcard. The game is currently in early access for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is expected to launch in Spring 2017.