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AMD Ryzen Overclocking Utility Tool Being Developed By The Company

It is safe to say that overclocking is not as much of a stressful job as it once was. With all kinds of third-party software support and motherboard manufacturers having their own software, overclocking as is easy as turning a slider up and down. That is pretty much all you have to do these days in order to get a decent overclock. New reports claim that AMD is working on an overclocking utility tool for AMD Ryzen and we have some blurred out images of what could be the software that is being developed as we speak.

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The image is blurred out so there is not much that we can make out, but it does seem that the sliders are there to overclock different cores. In some software, you may have to move the slider left to right but here it seems that you will be moving the slider upwards. The big question here is that motherboard manufacturers are going to have their own software. SO why does AMD need an overclocking utility tool for AMD Ryzen?

AMD Ryzen

There are numerous another settings as well which I think are related to Extended Frequency Range technology, which allows the CPU to overclock itself automatically according to the cooling solution being used. The CPU-Z image is blurred out as well and all that we can make out of the image it that the AMD Ryzen CPU in question has 8 cores and 16 threads, this makes it one of the high-end variants. This could point towards the rumor that not all AMD Ryzen CPUs will have the XFR feature.

AMD Ryzen

This seems to be a review sample for select reviewers. We will be able to learn more about the AMD Ryzen CPUs by the end of the month at the GDC event. Let us know what you think about this overclocking utility tool that AMD is making for Ryzen CPUs.