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AMD RX 500 Series Will Feature Both Vega And Polaris Based GPUs

The upcoming few weeks should be very interesting for AMD and AMD fans alike. Not only will we get getting AMD Ryzen CPUs but later this year we will also be able to check out AMD Vega GPUs.

AMD has confirmed that AMD Vega is indeed on track and we will be able to see these GPUs come out in the second half of 2017. Talking about high-end GPUs it seems that Nvidia might be unveiling the much-anticipated GTX 1080 Ti at the GDC event later this month so be sure to tune in for that as well. New reports claim that AMD RX 500 series GPUs will be based on both Vega and Polaris architecture.

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This does not surprise me as AMD Vega was always for the high-end market and that would have been difficult to adapt for mid-range GPUs. My guess would be that high-end AMD RX 500 series GPU will feature the upcoming AMD Vega architecture but the mid range GPUs will feature Polaris 11 or Polaris 12 even.

AMD RX 500 series

We have seen bits of codes here and there that point towards the existence of Polaris 12 but we have no news about it what so ever. AMD has also been keeping us in the dark when it comes to AMD Vega as well but we have seen great potential in the demos so far.

AMD will be showing off the AMD Ryzen processors at the GDC event later this month and it is possible that we might even be able to get some new information regarding AMD RX 500 series GPUS as well as the upcoming AMD Vega architecture. But this is all wishful thinking for now and nothing is official as of right now.

We will be talking about everything that happens at GDC so stay tuned for more information regarding AMD RX 500 series GPUs and AMD Vega.