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Xbox Live Is Down For A Large Number of Xbox 360 And Xbox One Owners

Owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles might encounter that bane of every console owner’s existence: Xbox Live is down. Various complaints from gamers on social media alerted Microsoft to the problem, making them have difficulty signing into their profiles or, if they do connect, disconnecting a short time later.

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That’s not the only way people are having trouble, either; even if you do manage to successfully log in and keep your connection, you’ll still have problems connecting to other games to play with your friends, or can’t invite them to play together.

The outage has come at a bad time for Ubisoft, which just released its hack-and-slash action game For Honor, which requires people to always be online in order to play, regardless of whether you’re playing the story mode or offline multiplayer.

A similar situation like this happened last year when Battlefield 1 came out, where a massive hacking attack took down Twitter, the Playstation Network, YouTube, and a number of other websites.

Xbox also hasn’t updated its status page to say that Xbox Live is down, but according to their official Twitter page, they’re currently working on a fix for it, which will hopefully be implemented sometime today or tonight.

While there’s no guarantee that it’s affecting most of the Xbox users that make use of Xbox Live, it’s still down for enough people to notice and complain to Microsoft about it.

While Microsoft’s advertising of Xbox Live as the fastest and most reliable gaming network around has mainly held true (the service has been offline or hacked far fewer times than Playstation Network, and also has better security to boot), every time this happens, gamers get mad.

Either way, hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix whatever issue made it so Xbox Live is down so that its gamers can get back to playing.