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Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Rumored for League of Legends Debut

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is reportedly preparing to enter the competitive world of League of Legends by buying his own team for representation.

According to both Veja and ESPN, Neymar is looking forward to following the footsteps of soccer legend Ronaldo who recently acquired 50 percent of controlling interest in CNB, a Brazilian esports organization that is competing in the region’s League of Legends circuit.

Provided that the sources behind the reports are legitimate, Neymar could be similarly investing in a Brazilian League of Legends team. On that note, the community would be wishing for the Barcelona forward to buy his way into the European League Championship Series (EU LCS) instead for a larger audience.

News about Neymar entering the esports fold arrives just weeks after he publicly congratulated Enrique “xPeke” Martinez for representing Gillette as its first-ever esports athlete and global brand ambassador.

Besides League of Legends, Neymar is said to also have great interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, from an investment point of view, he is apparently targeting the Rift first.

Neymar is not the first superstar athlete from the world of traditional sports to invest in League of Legends. Several big names have already made themselves heard, comprising mostly of the NBA crowd.

Immortals was picked up last year by Stephen Kaplan, co-owner and vice chairman of the Memphis Grizzlies. About the same time, Dignitas was purchased by Philadelphia 76ers. Furthermore, Echo Fox is owned by Rick Fox, who is open to the idea of Kobe Bryant buying his first League of Legends team as well.

However, Neymar announcing his own team would certainly make waves in the esports communities.

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