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League of Legends PBE Update Increases XP Gains From Kills

The latest Public Beta Environment (PBE) update is increasing the amount of XP gained in League of Legends from take-downs to better reward players.

Posting on the official boards, technical game designer Riot Colin explained that jungle and supporting duties normally force players to lag behind in experience. Despite participating in successful skirmishes afterwards, the difference in levels remain throughout. Hence, players who have fallen behind their team in terms of experience are unable to close the gap even if they are performing well.

Riot Games is changing this aspect with the next League of Legends patch. Players will be better rewarded for their efforts by gaining more experience for every kill facilitated. This will also hold an incentive for them to ditch their solo act and join their team for important fights.

According to the new changes, amount of bonus XP will scale with how far the player is behind in terms of levels.

  • The bonus starts kicking in when you are just over one full level behind.
  • By two full levels’ difference, you get an additional ~25% of your share of the base kill experience. The bonus reaches its max value when you are 4 levels behind your team’s average, giving an additional 60% of your share of the base kill experience.
  • We put a limit of 60% on the maximum size of the bonus to prevent extreme sling-shotting

Furthermore, the system will also take into account enemies who have higher levels. Expect around 10 percent of additional experience gained from take-downs (kills or assists) if you are four levels behind the opponent.

In the worst case scenario, someone disconnected from a game for a period of time can essentially close out the gap with just a couple of successful skirmishes.

“We also are going to be keeping an eye on future changes for other sources of EXP that these players help earn, like Baron, Dragon and Turret kills,” assured Riot Games.