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Horizon: Zero Dawn Street Date Broken, Unlock Timings Confirmed

Horizon: Zero Dawn street date has been broken as some already have access to a retail copy. The game is supposed to release on February 28 on PlayStation 4 but it looks like retailers have done it again, leaked copies early.

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In such a situation, it is best to stay away from the internet to avoid spoilers. Keep a distance from Neogaf, Reddit, and other such platforms to make sure you don’t spoil your game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn leaked copy can be seen below.


Play as Aloy, a young hunter on a quest to discover her destiny among the remnants of the ancient past. Shunned by her own tribe since birth, Aloy has learned to harness her agility, cunning, and deadly aim to hunt the Machines, defend against rival tribes, and survive in the unforgiving wilds.

Horizon: Zero Dawn street date is usually not honored by retailers in the UAE and Middle Eastern countries. For the players in those regions, it is great to get hands on the titles early, but for the developers, it isn’t the ideal situation. Players start to share videos, story details, amateur reviews, and other spoilers.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to be unlocked on February 20: 12 AM PST, 3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET. It is best you to be careful while roaming the digital realm until February 20.

Zero Dawn is available for pre-order on PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Store, Amazon, and other retailers. You can head over to your nearest retailer to grab a retail version of the game as well.

For more on Zero Dawn, stay tuned!

Source: Neogaf