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Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro Update and Demo In The Works

Apparently Dambusters Studio isn’t going to watch its work on Homefront just sink into the muck, as the company has said that a Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update is now in the works to bring the game over to Sony’s upgraded console. A demo for the shooter will be released soon.

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Homefront: The Revolution was a reboot of the original Homefront game, originally developed by Kaos Studios, back in the days when THQ was still around. Originally touted as a sequel, the game actually turned out to be a retconned version of the game’s story; North Korea still occupied the United States, but alternate history was also a factor as the country became a major economic power in the aftermath of the Korean War.

Reception to the game was fairly mixed, with many reviewers criticizing its technical issues, story, gameplay, and characters despite praising its open-world gameplay and weapon customization system.

A middling reception on the game actually might puzzle people that didn’t like it to begin with; if its technical bugs were still a problem in the base game, what if Dambusters doesn’t put it up to snuff on the PS4 Pro?

The game also had a rather troubled production, as it was originally going to be developed by Crytek before financial issues with the studio forced them to hand it off to Dambusters.

If the game still isn’t popular with gamers now (especially since a lot of gamers that played it on release didn’t like it at all), one has to wonder what makes Dambusters think that the game will be a success if they implement the Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update on the console, especially if the port is shoddy.

Either way we’ll have to wait until the Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update actually comes out, and hopefully the demo will actually make the game look promising again.