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Nintendo Might Be Putting GameCube Games on Virtual Console for Switch

Nintendo might have just dropped a huge hint about GameCube games on Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch. The Virtual Console had long mainly been the property of games from Nintendo’s various handheld consoles, along with the NES and SNES, but a manager’s comments have now said otherwise.

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Yoshiaki Koizumi, the deputy general manager of Nintendo, has said that the company is working on something along those lines, but that currently he can’t divulge any real information because they haven’t announced anything. All he can say is that they’re working on things that go in that direction.

While most of Nintendo’s real classic games came from other consoles and handhelds, the possibility of GameCube games on the Virtual Console still could give Nintendo another way to boost use of the Virtual Console. Games like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Paper Mario:

The Thousand-Year Door, Pikmin, and a number of other classic and well-loved Nintendo games were released on the Nintendo Switch, and even ones that weren’t Nintendo (such as Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Zero) were also released on the console and were some of its best-sellers.

If Nintendo does eventually do that, it would actually require different Joy-Con controllers than what the Switch will use on launch; the Nintendo GameCube was given analog triggers on its release, making them pressure-sensitive. Subsequent consoles did away with that approach, but it seems like if players wanted to play GameCube games on Virtual Console, they would need controllers like this.

If Nintendo really is working on new pressure-sensitive JoyCon controllers for people to play GameCube games on the Nintendo Switch’s virtual console, there might be a new rash of games coming to the virtual console for Nintendo fans to play. However, we’ll have to see if Nintendo even announces GameCube games on Virtual Console before getting excited.