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Destiny Patch Brings Unintentional Changes To All In-Game Perks

Recently, Bungie released Destiny HotFix which was intended to introduce some changes to Bladedancer’s Hungering Blade perk. While this Destiny patch perfectly implemented these changes to the intended perk but also to every Health Regen perk in the game.

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The Destiny patch brought changes to Bladedancer’s Hungering Blade perk like Immediate health regen, restoring more HP per kill, giving a flat amount of Health/Shield per activation and does not regenerate shield immediately.

These changes through Destiny patch were introduced to avoid the situations when a Bladedancer is down to virtually no health and then kills an opponent, automatically gaining full shield and health back. However, these changes have been applied to health regen perks across other subclasses, weapons, and armor. The affected perks and weapons are:

  • Transfusion (Striker Titan)
  • Cauterize (Sunbreaker Titan)
  • Lifesteal (Voidwalker Warlock)
  • Red Death Perk
  • Suros Legacy Perk (Suros Regime)
  • No Backup Plans
  • Ward of Dawn cast
  • The Ram
  • Apotheosis Veil
  • Embrace the Void (Voidwalker Warlock)

Bungie acknowledged that they are aware of the situation and while they thought of delaying it but releasing this Destiny patch was in the best interest of Destiny community.

Over the last couple of days, as we continued to test the patch, it came to our attention that the changes we made to Hungering Blade were unintentionally shared among a number of additional elements[…]. While we considered delaying the hotfix to remove the shared change, we ultimately decided to live with the patch we’d made and tested. We believe that Hotfix is an important step forward to maintain the health of the game and that getting it out to you ASAP is in everyone’s best interest.

However, an immediate fix for this problem does not seem to be coming as Bungie will be watching and listening to the fans about the changes. But a fix for this unintentional blunder will come sooner or later.

Destiny is a first-person shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One and PlayStation 4