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Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.11 Adds New Content And Prepares For DLC

Watch Dogs 2 update 1.11 is going to be coming soon, and will not only be adding new content but will also be preparing for DLC when the time comes for Ubisoft to announce it. The update will be ten gigs, a fairly noticeable size for its content, but not really surprising.

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The DLC that the update is going to be preparing for is called “Human Condition”, and it will be one of the two different story DLC packs that are going to be a part of the game eventually. To prepare for the DLC, Watch Dogs 2 update 1.11 will be adding in new locations to San Francisco, or will be updating existing locations. Human Condition will end up taking players through some of the biggest scandals in the hearts of science and medicine, along with adding in a new enemy, the Jammer.

The update will also include new dances for Marcus Holloway to perform, new emotes, new clothing, new club rewards (giving you For Honor and Ghost Recon outfits) and a little something will also be added to the ending of the game’s story, so if you’re interested, you’ll have to play the last mission again.

The update will also be adding a few new tweaks and balances to help address some of the game’s problems. Leaderboards, for instance, are going to be altered to notify you when a new multiplayer season starts. Online competitive multiplayer is also being altered, weapons are being nerfed or buffed, and the Car on Demand feature has been reworked to spawn cars closer to you and in more convenient spots. The shooting in the game has also been polished.

A wide variety of other fixes and changes have been made in Watch Dogs 2 update 1.11, so if you’re ready for more Watch Dogs 2 content, just follow this link to the patch notes.