Top 10 Tabletop Games To Play on Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day and love is in the air and you would want to play a game with your date, but which table top game should you play with your partner. Well, fear not as we have got you covered with ourTop 10 Tabletop Games To Play on Valentines Day.

Top 10 Tabletop Games To Play on Valentines Day

#10- Patchwork

It is very common for couples to do crafts together and Patchwork is a tabletop game that lets you do that. In this game, you have to do build the most aesthetic patchwork quilt and the goal is to leave as less space as possible.

#9- Ticket To Ride

In Ticket To ride you have to collect cards and create train routes based on your color. The goal is to create a train route that does not bump into the route of the other player. The one who creates the longest train routes will be the winner. While it may sound simple but even with two players, your train route is sure to bump into each other.

#8- Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a unique game, as it kind of build itself as you progress. You are required to create your own city using tokens. You can either team up with the other player or turn against them to take over their city.

#7- Scattergories

This game can really get you to scratch your head and can be fun at the same time. In Scattergories a player will be given a letter in each round and will be tasked to find an answer that starts with the given letter or each of the categories given.

You will be finding the answer in a limited time so you will have to think fast before your significant other finds it finds the answer first.

#6- Scene It?

There are a lot of versions of Scene It? to choose from, as each version is based on a different movie. In this game, you will be challenging your intellect.

#5- 5 Second Rule
This one is a fast-paced category based game where you will have five seconds to complete the given task, like naming five movies of a certain actor or guessing five fruits of the same kind. This tabletop game will make your life much more exciting.

#4- Love Jenga

Love Jenga is similar to a regular Jenga game. In this game whenever you pull a piece you have to perform some sort of crazy activity, like sing a song, playing with each other’s hair or say I love You in a foreign language.

#3- Murder Mystery

If romance is not your thing then why not try the mystery game instead. There are a number of mystery games that will get your adrenalin pumping.

#2- Love Letter

In this game, you will be tasked to deliver a love letter to a princess who is locked in a tower. Players draw to try and deflect other player’s letters before it makes it to the princess.

#1- Trivial Pursuit

There are a lot of versions for Trivial Pursuit like Scene it? However, this game will truly challenge your knowledge or your valentine depends on who is smarter.

That is all for our Top 10 Tabletop Games To Play on Valentines Day. Is there a game that we missed? Let us know in the comments.