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Defeat Bosses In Nioh Easily With This In-Game Exploit

Nioh has just been released with great critical success and there is already talk of it being a game of the year contender for this year. Nioh takes its inspiration from Dark Souls games and obviously, you have to be careful playing it as it is not an easy game. However, there is an exploit in the game that makes things easier for you.

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As reported by Powerpyx, using soulstones to power-up your living weapon is the secret to this exploit. Just putting Soulstones in the quick select item slot, you can trigger your living weapon and you will become invulnerable and will also deal extra damage.

By keeping your weapon fed by soulstones you will be able to take on any enemy or boss in the game without the fear of losing. Choose the following build for even better results.

  • Attributes: 30 Body (Spear damage and health), 25 Magic (very important for next point), 75 Spirit (helps with living weapon).
  • Most important: use onmyo magic skills “Extraction Talisman” + “Pleiades Talisman”. They make it so your living weapon auto recharges on every hit.
  • Other useful magic: Sloth (slows enemy by 50%), Carnage (increases attack damage), Weakness (lowers enemy defense), Devigorate (lowers enemy attack).
  • Guardian Spirit: Suzaku (+25% Amrita earned while using living weapon, so it recharges more on each hit).

Nioh is an action-RPG video game developed by Team Ninja exclusively for PlayStation 4.