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Another Nintendo Switch Hardware Leak Gives Specs On Upcoming Console

A new Nintendo Switch hardware leak has been released, showing off a different list of hardware specs than what came out in a similar leak back in December. The leak, which was posted onto Reddit, and could be a vital source considering that Nintendo hasn’t released any official hardware information about the console.

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This is even in spite of the console’s release only being a few weeks away, as it’s launching on March 3, and as such it’s worrying a few journalists who might think that the console not having its specs released is indicative that Nintendo doesn’t have very much hope in the Switch despite claims.

All of the Reddit documents that constitute the new Nintendo Switch hardware leak come from a trio of different developer-only documents that all cover the Switch’s hardware specs, system features, and a variety of devkit instructions for them. Among other things, the Switch apparently has a quad core ARM Cortex-A57 CPU that has a maximum speed of 2GHz. The GPU, on the other hand, is a Maxwell-based, Nvidia chip with 256 CUDA cores and max speed of 1GHz.

The previous hardware leak, which came out in December, suggested the console’s CPU would max out at 1GHz, not 2GHz, and the GPU would only run at 768MHz, instead of a full 1GHz.

In addition to the hardware, there are also a number of online mechanics for the game; while it won’t have any sort of free-to-play style virtual currencies, it will be supporting DLC and season passes. Considering the Switch’s new online system, which will not only cost a pittance but will also give players a month of a free Virtual Console game that you’ll have to buy when the month passes.

The documents about the new Nintendo Switch hardware leak date back to June of 2016 back when the console used to be called the NX, so they may not be current, or even true, but we may at least have some kind of information about the Switch’s specs.